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5 Tips for Dealing With the Heartbreaking Loss of a Pet

Owning a pet is one of the most rewarding things that you’ll ever do throughout the course of your life. You’ll love every second that you get to spend with your pet. But unfortunately, this can make the loss of a pet devastating. It’ll take you a long time to make peace with the loss following your pet’s Bristol, VA pet cremation or pet burial. Here are five tips that will help you deal with your pet’s loss slightly better than you might otherwise.

1. Create a support system for yourself and use it to cope with your loss.

Everyone needs a support system when they hit rough patches in their life. You should consider creating one for yourself if you don’t have one already so that you can cope with the loss of your pet more effectively. You can talk to those who are a part of your support system and lean on them when you feel weak. They should be able to be as supportive as you need them to be in the weeks and months following your pet’s death.

2. Arrange to hold a funeral ceremony of some kind for your pet.

Some people might think it’s silly to stage a pet funeral in Bristol, VA for a pet. But it’s actually a great idea. Holding a funeral or some other kind of ceremony for a pet will help you kickstart the five stages of grief. It’ll also bring about a sense of closure in the aftermath of your pet’s loss. You’ll have an easier time moving forward in life after holding a funeral for your pet.

3. Consider joining a grief support group or enlisting the services of a grief counselor.

Grief can be a tricky thing. It has a slightly different impact on everyone. If you find that the grief you’re feeling is overwhelming at times, you should get help managing it. You can find the help you need by signing up to take part in a grief support group or by scheduling sessions with a grief counselor. Either way, you can work through your grief and get a better hold on it by seeking grief counseling services.

4. Find a good way to memorialize your pet.

There are dozens of different ways in which you can memorialize your pet. You can do it by getting your hands on an actual memorial for their gravesite. You can do it by ordering a garden stone that has their name on it and placing it outside of your home. You can even do it by getting a tattoo in remembrance of your pet. No matter what you choose to do, it’s a great idea to find something to help you memorialize your pet.

5. Continue to tell stories about your pet, especially with your immediate family cremation

Your pet might not be around anymore, but that doesn’t mean you can’t keep their memory alive. You can do it by telling stories about your pet every chance you get. Your immediate family members, in particular, will appreciate hearing the stories that you have to tell. You’ll all get a big kick out of rehashing the stories that you’ve told time and time again over the years. It’ll keep a spot in your heart open for your pet.

Do you need help coping with the death of a pet? Faithful Pets Cremation and Burial Care can extend a hand to you and your family and assist you in making funeral plans for your pet. Whether you want to arrange a pet cremation or a pet burial in Bristol, VA, we can set you up with the services you need. Call us to get everything in motion.

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How Much Does Pet Cremation Cost? Budgeting for a Pet’s Services

Having an Abingdon, VA pet cremation performed is usually less expensive than planning out a pet burial. You don’t have to worry about paying for things like a burial plot and a permanent memorial when you cremate a pet at the end of their life as opposed to burying them. But just how much does pet cremation cost? Well, it varies depending on a number of factors. You should keep these factors in mind when you’re in the process of budgeting for a pet’s funeral services. Find out which factors can affect the price of a pet cremation below.

Which type of pet cremation services are you going to choose?

When you’re planning a pet cremation, you’ll have the opportunity to choose from three different cremation services in Abingdon, VA. You can go with a private cremation, which will see your pet get cremated all by itself in a cremation chamber. You can also go with a partitioned cremation, which will call for your pet to get cremated with other pets but in its own area in a cremation chamber. Additionally, you can go with a communal cremation, which will involve your pet getting cremated with other pets and their remains commingling. The first option we just mentioned is the most expensive. The other two will help you save some money on your pet’s cremation if that’s your goal.

Who is going to be your pet cremation provider?

If you were to call five different pet cremation providers right now and ask each of them to quote you a pet cremation price, you would get five different answers. It’s a big part of the reason why it’s so hard to nail down a price for pet cremation. It tends to change depending on which pet cremation provider you decide to work with. You should shop around for the most affordable pet cremation services to get the best price available to you.

What are you planning to do with your pet’s cremated remains?

Following your pet’s cremation, you’ll receive their cremated remains if you want them. You’ll then have the option to do any number of things with them. Some of these things will cost more money than others. For example, purchasing an urn to house your pet’s remains or buying a piece of cremation jewelry to keep your pet’s remains in can both increase the cost of pet cremation.

How quickly do you need the pet cremation process to play out?pet cremation

Can you wait a week or two to have your pet cremated? Or do you desperately need to have them cremated right away? The timeframe that you’re working with can cause the cost of pet cremation to change dramatically. If you’re in a big rush to cremate your pet, you can do it in a hurry. But you’re probably going to need to be prepared to pay the price for it.

Budgeting for your pet’s cremation in Abingdon, VA can be difficult to do since the price of it can vary based on your answers to the questions above. Work with a reputable pet cremation provider to keep your costs as low as possible. Faithful Pets Cremation and Burial Care can prevent you from going over your budget when planning a cremation for a pet. Hear about the services we can offer to you by calling us today.

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Things You Can Do With a Pet’s Remains Following Pet Cremation

If you choose to have your pet cremated following their death as part of a communal cremation, you aren’t going to receive their remains when it’s over. But if you decide to hold a private Glade Spring, VA pet cremation for them or even a partitioned cremation, you will, in fact, be receiving their remains when everything is all said and done. At that time, you’ll then be in charge of figuring out what you want to do with your pet’s remains next. Check out a few of the most common things that people do with their pet’s remains below.

Display them in their homes.

There are a lot of pet owners who love the idea of taking their pet’s cremated remains home with them following their cremation in Glade Spring, VA. They stick the remains inside of an urn and bring them home so that they can put them out on display. Oftentimes, they’ll put the urn on a mantel or in a hutch next to a photo of their pet and maybe something like their favorite toy. It’s a nice way for them to pay homage to their pet while honoring their memory.

Scatter them in a special place.

One of the other things that a lot of pet owners like doing with their pet’s cremated remains is taking them out to a special place and scattering them. Many times, pet owners will scatter a pet’s remains somewhere out in nature where they used to spend a ton of time with their pet. It’s a nice way to provide their pet with a proper sendoff. They might also choose to stage a scattering ceremony to go along with the act of scattering their pet’s remains.

Put them inside cremation cremation

Some people want to keep their pets as close to them as they possibly can even though they aren’t around in the physical form anymore. With this in mind, they’ll buy cremation jewelry that is designed to hold a pet’s remains so that they can keep the remains close by at all times. Cremation jewelry is a lot more affordable than you might think, and it’s an excellent option for families that want to divide up a pet’s remains so that everyone can have some.

Bury them in the ground.

It might sound counterintuitive to cremate a pet only to bury them later. But there are some people who prefer to go this route. You should talk to your pet cremation provider about what your options are if you choose to go in this direction. There are some limitations that have been placed on when and where pets’ cremated remains can be buried.

Stuck on what you should do with your pet’s remains following their cremation? Faithful Pets Cremation and Burial Care can walk you through each of your options while you’re in the process of planning a pet funeral in Glade Spring, VA for your pet. Stop by and see us today or call us to find out what we can do to assist you when it comes to cremating a pet.

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Your Guide to the Different Types of Pet Cremation Services

Have you decided that you want to plan out a Bristol, VA pet cremation for your dog or cat that died recently? If so, you might think that that’s the only real decision you’ll have to make with regards to what will be done with your pet’s body. But in addition to selecting cremation for your pet, you’ll also need to choose one of the three main types of pet cremation services. Each of the three services varies slightly with regards to what will happen to your pet while they’re in the process of being cremated. Continue reading to learn more about these three options.

Private cremation

Would you like your pet to go through their cremation in Bristol, VA alone? If you do, then you’re going to want to go with a private cremation for your pet. With this option, you won’t have to worry at all about your pet’s remains getting mixed up with another pet’s remains. That’s because your pet will be the only one that will be in the cremation chamber while they’re being cremated. This is often the costliest pet cremation service. But it’s a great service for those who don’t want their pets to be cremated with other people’s pets under any circumstances.

Partitioned cremation

Do you mind if your pet is cremated at the same time as other people’s pets? If not, then there are two types of cremation services that might work well for you. The first is called partitioned cremation and it involves cremating several pets at once in a single cremation chamber. Although several pets will be cremated at once, though, they will each be put into a separate area of the cremation chamber to avoid having their remains get mixed together at any point. The big advantage of this cremation service is that it’ll cost less than a private cremation while leaving you with the same result in the end.

Communal cremationpet cremation

Are you planning on allowing a pet cremation provider to keep your pet’s remains once their cremation is complete so that they can scatter them for you? Then this is the other type of cremation service that you might want to consider. During a communal cremation, a bunch of pets will be placed into a cremation chamber without any separation. This will often lead to the pets’ remains commingling in the chamber before everything is all said and done. It’s the most cost-effective cremation option and won’t leave you to decide what to do with your pet’s remains later on. It’s definitely an option worth considering for some pet owners.

There are pros and cons that come with each of the pet cremation services we just laid out. Faithful Pets Cremation and Burial Care can help explain them to you further. If you’re not convinced pet cremation is right for your pet, we can also speak with you about a pet burial in Bristol, VA. It might end up being the better choice for you and your pet. Touch base with us today to gather more information about our services.

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Why a Pet Burial Might Be a Better Option Than a Pet Cremation

In this day and age, there are a lot of pet owners who are choosing to go with an Abingdon, VA pet cremation over a pet burial at the time of their pet’s death. They’re doing it in many cases because pet cremations cost less than pet burials and are also usually easier to plan. But even with those things being said, there is still a strong case to be made for pet burials. If you’re on the fence and don’t know which one to choose, here are some of the reasons why a pet burial might be the best option for your pet.

Gives you an opportunity to stage a ceremony for your pet

When you decide to go with a pet burial in Abingdon, VA over a pet cremation, you’ll be able to put together a small graveside service for them. This can be an incredibly cathartic experience for those who are having a really tough time dealing with the death of a pet. You can share some readings and songs at the service that illustrate how important your pet was to you. You shouldn’t underestimate the power of doing this in the aftermath of a pet’s death.

Lays your pet to rest in a place where you can go and visit them

After you bury your pet, you might want to go back and visit them every so often to say a few words to them or to say a prayer to yourself. This obviously isn’t something that will be possible if you cremate your pet. But when you bury them, you’ll always have a spot where you can go to feel like you’re with your pet. Your family members can also visit your pet’s burial plot whenever they want to. You’ll enjoy having somewhere to go to pay your respects to your pet in the years to come.

Provides you with a sense of closure following the loss of a petpet cremation

It’s going to take you some time to heal after you lose a pet. You’re not going to be able to get over their loss for weeks and maybe even months to come. But you will find some sense of peace when you bury your pet. There is a certain sense of closure that accompanies a pet burial. This closure will go a long way when it comes to helping you mourn and heal.

Allows you to set them up with the permanent memorial they deserve

As you make plans to lay your pet to rest, you’ll also make plans for a permanent memorial that will be placed over top of their burial plot. You could technically create a memorial like this for a pet that has been cremated. But where would you decide to keep it? You might not have a good place to put it, which won’t be the case when you bury your pet. You’ll know exactly where to put it, and you’ll enjoy the process of designing a memorial that pays proper tribute to your pet and shows off how much they meant to you.

Does a pet burial sound like the right choice to you? Or are you still thinking about planning a pet cremation? Either way, Faithful Pets Cremation and Burial Care is here to help you make all the funeral arrangements in Abingdon, VA you want to make for your pet. Give us a call to start putting plans for your pet’s burial or cremation into place.

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Biggest Benefits of Picking a Pet Cremation Over a Pet Burial

Are you mourning the death of a beloved pet right now? This is one of the most difficult things that a person will ever have to do. And it can become even more difficult once you have to make a decision as far as whether you want to cremate your pet or bury them. Both options are good ones to have. But there are certain benefits that you’ll get with a Glade Spring, VA pet cremation that you won’t get with a burial. Check out some of the biggest benefits of picking a pet cremation below.

It’s easy to plan a pet cremation.

When you choose to stage a cremation in Glade Spring, VA for your pet rather than a burial, there won’t be much planning that will need to be done. The only thing you’ll have to decide is if you want to have your pet cremated as part of a private cremation, a partitioned cremation, or a communal cremation. Outside of that, there isn’t much planning involved in a cremation. The same can’t be said for a pet burial, which will usually require you to spend at least a few hours planning out the different aspects of it.

It costs less to arrange a pet cremation than a pet burial.

Cremations have become very popular among both humans and pets in recent years. And this is at least partly because of the costs associated with cremations versus burials. Since cremations aren’t difficult to plan and don’t require things like a burial plot or a burial container, they cost a lot less than burials do. If you’re trying to avoid spending a small fortune in the aftermath of your pet’s death, you’re going to like the sound of a pet cremation.

It provides you with a chance to do whatever you want with your pet’s cremation

Once your pet’s cremation services are complete, the pet cremation provider that you work with will give you back your pet’s remains if you want them. You can then decide what you’re going to do with them next. Some people opt to take their pet’s remains home with them for safekeeping. Others decide that scattering their pet’s remains in a special place is a better idea. No matter what you decide to do with your pet’s remains, the point will be that you have options.

It allows you to start the grieving process immediately.

Grieving the death of a pet feels a whole lot like grieving the death of a loved one. You’re going to feel a certain sense of pain and anguish for at least a few months, if not longer. But the quicker you can start the grieving process, the quicker you can begin to heal. And you won’t have any issues getting things going when you cremate your pet. Because there won’t be much planning involved with pet cremation, you’ll be free to start mourning your pet’s loss so that you can heal from it sooner.

Regardless of whether you want to cremate or bury your pet, Faithful Pets Cremation and Burial Care will be by your side to make sure you’re able to make it happen. We can also help you plan a pet funeral in Glade Spring, VA for your dog or cat if you would like. Reach out to us to start the planning process.

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Is a Pet Cremation or a Pet Burial a Better Choice for Your Pet?

Most pet owners don’t like to spend a whole lot of time thinking about what they’re going to do one day when their pet passes away. And rightfully so. Who wants to devote a bunch of time to considering what’s going to happen when a pet dies when you still have time left to share with them? But at some point, you are going to have to consider what you want to do with your pet when they pass away. Are you going to plan a Bristol, VA pet cremation or stage a pet burial? Let’s take a look at both of these options and try to decide which one would work best for your pet.

Making a case for pet cremation…

If you want to bury your pet as opposed to cremating them, it’s usually going to cost more money than a pet cremation would. To bury your pet, you’ll need to purchase a package that will include a burial plot, a burial container, a permanent memorial, and more. You won’t have to worry about any of these things when you arrange to use cremation services in Bristol, VA for your pet. You’ll also have the option of choosing what you want to do with your pet’s remains once you get them back following their cremation. You can take them home with you, scatter them in a special place, or do almost anything else that you want with them.

Making a case for pet burial…pet cremation

As you can see, there are many benefits that come along with cremating a pet rather than burying them. But that’s not to say that there aren’t also plenty of advantages of burying a pet. When you bury a pet, you’ll get the opportunity to pay your respects to them during a burial service. You’ll also get the chance to lay your pet to rest in a place that you’ll be able to visit in the future. Additionally, you’ll get perpetual care services that will ensure your pet’s burial plot looks great for years to come. It makes burying a pet a great option in its own right.

Who can help you make this tough decision?

There are some people who will instantly know that they want to either cremate or bury their pet, no questions asked. But there are others who struggle with the decision. If you’re having a tough time deciding what to do, you should work with an experienced pet cremation and burial provider. They can help guide the way as you consider both options carefully.

Listen to your heart when trying to decide what to do.

At the end of the day, a pet cremation and burial provider can only do so much with regards to helping you make a final decision. They can’t make the decision for you. You’ll have to listen to what your heart is telling you and pick either a cremation or a burial based on how you feel inside. It won’t be the easiest decision you ever make. But by taking your time and trusting yourself, you’ll make the right decision in the end.

Interested in finding out more about a pet cremation or a pet burial in Bristol, VA? Faithful Pets Cremation and Burial Care would be happy to walk you through your options and tell you more about them. Contact us now to get started.

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How to Choose the Right Pet Cremation Provider for a Beloved Pet

Following the death of a pet, you’re going to face a couple of tough decisions. First and foremost, you’ll have to decide what you’re going to do with your pet’s body. You’ll have the option of either cremating your pet or burying them. You’ll also have to decide where you want to carry out an Abingdon, VA pet cremation or pet burial.

We can’t help you make the first decision. It’ll be up to you to decide if a cremation or a burial would be better for your pet. But we can talk to you about how to choose the right pet cremation provider for your pet if you decide to go in that direction. Here are some tips that will help you track down the right pet cremation provider in your area.

Start things off by seeing how many pet cremation providers are in your area.

Have you ever gone through the process of planning a cremation in Abingdon, VA for a pet before? If you haven’t, you might not be familiar with all the pet cremation providers in the Abingdon area. With this in mind, it’s going to be your job to find as many local options as you can. Google “pet cremation near me” and check out all the names that pop up. These will be all the companies you can consider for your pet’s cremation services.

Look for pet cremation providers that have plenty of experience cremating pets.

You probably wouldn’t hire a regular funeral home with just one or two years of experience to cremate one of your family members, right? So why would you do it when it comes to your pet? Instead of allowing an inexperienced pet cremation provider to take care of your pet’s cremation, call on a company with a lot more experience to do it. It’ll ensure you get the best possible pet cremation services.

Make sure pet cremation providers offer a wide range of cremation options.

The very best pet cremation providers will do so much more than just extend pet cremation services to you. They’ll also make sure they’re able to provide you with a wide range of different services so that you get exactly what you want for your pet. Whether you choose to go with a private cremation, a partitioned cremation, or a communal cremation, your provider should set you up with lots of cremation

Consider the costs associated with each pet cremation provider that piques your interest.

Once you get to this point, there should be a select few pet cremation providers still in the mix. Ask each of them to provide you with a price list so that you know what you’re going to have to pay them for their services. You can compare the costs associated with each pet cremation provider to find out which ones will fit into your budget.

Faithful Pets Cremation and Burial Care is the pet cremation provider you can count on to cremate your pet the right way. We can also assist those who want to arrange a pet burial in Abingdon, VA. Call us to start planning out your pet’s cremation or burial today.