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Great Ways in Which You Can Pay Tribute to a Deceased Pet

Dogs and cats are more than just pets to most people. Over time, they become a part of their families. For this reason, you should go above and beyond to pay tribute to your pet at the time of their death. Following their Bristol, VA pet cremation or burial, you should take some steps to honor them and to make sure that you don’t ever forget them. Check out some of the best ways in which you can pay tribute to a deceased pet below.

Create a small shrine for them in your home.

You probably have a bunch of different things in your home that are going to instantly remind you of your pet. From photos of them to things like their collar and their food bowl, there are all kinds of things that a pet will leave behind. You should bring all of these things together and create a small shrine for your pet somewhere in your home after their pet cremation or pet burial in Bristol, VA is complete. It’ll be a nice way to keep their memory alive in your home for years to come.

Put together a scrapbook featuring photos of them.

Do you have a lot of photos of your pet lying around in your home? Or do you have tons of photos of your pet on your smartphone? Either way, you should put these photos to good use by utilizing them to create a scrapbook. Your scrapbook should provide you with a look back at your pet’s entire life and show them throughout their different stages. You’ll enjoy looking back at all the great memories you made with your pet over the years.

Plant a tree in your yard for them.

Chances are, your pet spent quite a bit of time running around in your yard and having a good old time. You’re going to miss seeing them in your yard, but you can ensure that their spirit doesn’t ever leave it by planting a tree in it in their name. You might even want to go ahead and order some kind of special plaque to put next to the tree so that everyone knows it was planted for them. Some pet owners will even sprinkle some of their pet’s remains under a tree before planting it so that their pet plays a role in giving the tree life.

Make a donation to a pet organization in their name.

Bristol, VA pet cremationsYour pet might not be around anymore, but that doesn’t mean that they can’t still make a big difference in the world. When you make a donation in their name to your favorite pet organization, you’ll guarantee that their legacy keeps on living on long after they’ve passed away. You might even want to make a donation each year on the day of your pet’s death as a special way of remembering them and showing them that they’re still helping to make a difference.

Before you can do any of the things that we just mentioned, you’ll need to either bury or cremate your pet with help from a local pet funeral home in Bristol, VA. Faithful Pets Cremation and Burial Care can be there for you during your time of need and help you make funeral arrangements for your pet. Call us today to get things started.

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