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The Benefits of Doing Advanced Planning for a Pet Cremation

In theory, doing advanced planning for a Glade Spring, VA pet cremation sounds like just about the worst idea in the world. Who in their right mind wants to spend any time thinking about what’s going to happen when a pet passes away? But there are actually a whole host of benefits that you’ll get to enjoy when you make the decision to pre-plan for a pet cremation. Check out some of the top benefits of doing it below.

Provides you with an opportunity to decide if a pet cremation is your best option

When your pet passes away one day, you’ll be able to hold either a pet cremation or a pet burial in Glade Spring, VA for them. When you take advantage of being able to plan for your pet’s cremation in advance, you’ll get the opportunity to make sure a cremation is really what you want. You can speak with someone from a funeral home about what pet cremation services entail and see if they’re really the right option for your pet.

Allows you to choose the type of pet cremation you want to go with for your pet

If you decide that you do, in fact, want to cremate your pet, you’re going to be able to pick from a few different types of pet cremations. You can have a pet cremated during a communal cremation, a partitioned cremation, or a private cremation. Prior to choosing one over the rest, you should learn about what each one has to offer. You’ll appreciate being able to do this in advance when you’re not up against the clock when you pre-plan a pet cremation.

Gives you a chance to pick out the perfect urn for your pet

At the conclusion of a pet cremation, you’re going to receive your pet’s cremated remains back. You’ll then most likely want to put them into an urn for safekeeping. There are so many different urns to choose from, though. It can be overwhelming trying to narrow your search down to just one! By getting a jumpstart on things, you’ll be able to sift through your various options and select the urn that you like the most for your pet’s remains.

Lets you pre-pay for your pet’s cremation services

The last thing that you want to have to worry about when your pet dies is scrounging together money to pay for their funeral services. With this in mind, you’ll love the fact that you can pre-pay for a pet cremation or pet burial when you do advanced planning. You can pay for all of the services that you’ll receive or, at the very least, pay for a portion of them. It’ll prevent you from having to try to come up with the money to pay for them later.

Glade Spring, VA pet cremation

Are you considering doing advanced planning for pet cremation services in Glade Spring, VA? Faithful Pets Cremation and Burial Care can guide the way when you trust us to assist you. Contact us today to get started.

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Why You Should Invest in Pawprint Jewelry After a Pet Cremation

There is absolutely no way that you’ll ever forget about your pet following their Bristol, VA pet cremation. They played such a big part in your life that you’re going to remember them for the rest of your days. But even still, you should consider investing in pawprint jewelry for your pet in the aftermath of their death. This jewelry will feature an actual pawprint from your pet and will provide you with so much joy in the coming years. Take a look at some of the reasons why you should invest in this jewelry below.

It’ll remind you of your pet each and every day.

In the days, weeks, and months following the loss of your pet, you’re going to think about them early and often. But believe it or not, there will come a time when they’re not going to be one of the first things that you think about each day. Your pawprint jewelry will serve as a welcomed reminder of them on a daily basis. Every time you get a glimpse of it, you’ll spend a few moments thinking about your pet and cherishing the good memories that you have of them.

It’ll encourage others to ask you questions about your pet.

Following the pet cremation services in Bristol, VA that you hold for your pet, people might be a little bit nervous to bring up your pet to you. They might avoid doing it so that they don’t upset you. This could very well lead to you almost never talking about your pet with others. Your pawprint jewelry will encourage people to ask you questions about your pet. It’ll allow you to keep on talking about them and sharing stories about them with others.

It’ll serve as a beautiful accent piece when you go out.

Pawprint jewelry isn’t just something that you’ll want to stick into your jewelry box and never pull out. It’s something that you’ll want to wear early and often whenever you leave the house. You’ll love how beautiful that it is, and you’ll appreciate how it complements almost anything that you wear. Most of the pawprint jewelry that’s on the market today is gorgeous and will enhance your appearance from the moment you put it on.

It’ll last for a long time and turn into an invaluable keepsake.

The pawprint jewelry that you buy on behalf of your pet will mean a lot to you when you first get it. But it’ll also come to mean even more to you as time goes on. It won’t be long before you treasure it just like you would any other invaluable keepsake. You won’t be able to put a price tag on it anymore because it’ll simply mean that much to you. You’ll love it forever and won’t ever grow tired of wearing it.

Bristol, VA pet cremation

Interested in investing in pawprint jewelry or other keepsakes? Faithful Pets Cremation and Burial Care can provide you with them when you hold a pet cremation or a pet burial in Bristol, VA with us. Call us today for more information on the keepsakes that we have in stock.

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Where Can You Scatter Remains Following a Pet Cremation?

Following a private or partitioned Abingdon, VA pet cremation, you’re going to be given your pet’s cremated remains. From there, you’ll be able to take the remains home with you if you want. You’ll also be able to bury the remains in a pet cemetery if you would like. But there is one other option that you’ll have as well. You’ll be able to scatter your pet’s remains in a special place during a scattering ceremony. This has turned into a very popular option for many pet owners. Here are some of the different places that you might be able to scatter your pet’s remains in the days, weeks, or months following their cremation.

At a public park

Was your pet a big fan of spending a lot of time at the park? If so, that might be the perfect place to scatter their remains following their cremation in Abingdon, VA. You are going to have to be careful about where you scatter a pet’s remains in a park. You don’t want to put them in a place where they might get trampled on. You also don’t want to put them in a place where other people and pets might come into contact with them. But generally speaking, you should be allowed to scatter remains in a public park. If you’re worried about doing it, just make sure you check with your local officials about the legalities of doing it.

At a campground

Did you and your pet spend your fair share of time at a campground throughout the course of their life? If you did, then this might be another excellent place for you to scatter their remains. During your next camping trip, you can bring your pet’s remains along for one final ride to your favorite campground. Then, you can find a place within the campground to scatter your pet’s remains. It’ll be a cathartic experience for you and one that you won’t soon forget. You’ll feel at peace with your pet’s loss once you’ve gone through the process of scattering their remains in this way.

On a nature trail

Were you and your pet always out on local nature trails exploring whatever it was that you could find on them? Then you might want to think about taking them out for one last walk and scattering their remains somewhere along one of the trails you used to walk on. Just try not to scatter their remains too close to the trail itself since your pet’s remains could end up getting walked on by other people and pets if you take that approach to scattering them.

In your yard

Abingdon, VA pet cremationDo you want to keep your pet’s remains close to you without actually keeping them inside of your home? One great way to do this is by scattering their remains right out in your yard where your pet used to play. You should pick a time of the year when you know you’re not going to be outside doing a lot of lawn work or playing in your yard and scatter your pet’s remains at that time. It’ll help them to settle into your yard and become a part of it before long.

Before you can begin thinking about where to scatter your pet’s remains, you’re going to need to plan out their pet cremation. Faithful Pets Cremation and Burial Care can help you do this so that you can move on to scattering their remains sooner than later. We can also help you if you want to plan out a pet burial in Abingdon, VA. Give us a call to discover what we’re all about.

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Challenges You Might Face While Setting Up a Pet Cremation

There isn’t going to be anything easy about planning a Glade Spring, VA pet cremation. It’s actually one of the hardest things that most pet owners will ever have to do. But by learning about the challenges that you’re going to face while planning a pet cremation, you can prepare for them accordingly and make them slightly easier to overcome. Discover some of the challenges that will come along with making plans for a pet cremation below.

Finding the right pet cremation provider

Before you can even think about planning out a pet’s cremation in Glade Spring, VA, you’re going to need to find a pet cremation provider in your area to help you. This can be easier said than done in many instances. You should search for a pet cremation provider with a wealth of experience and a long list of cremation services to offer. You should also search for one that’s going to be able to provide you with the best prices around. Don’t be afraid to hold out for the right pet cremation provider rather than agreeing to work with one that doesn’t seem cut out for the job.

Deciding what kind of pet cremation services you want

Once you have a pet cremation provider in your corner, the next thing you’re going to need to do is decide what kind of pet cremation services you want. Do you want to cremate your pet in private? Do you want them to take part in a partitioned cremation? Or are you OK with a communal cremation? This can be a difficult decision for most pet owners. You should find out more about each of these options before landing on the one that you like the best.

Figuring out what to do with a pet’s cremated remains

When you’re in the process of planning out your pet’s cremation, you might not be too worried about what’s going to happen after your pet has been cremated. But you should try to keep in mind that you’re going to need to do something with your pet’s cremated remains. And it’s better for you to decide what you’re going to do with them sooner rather than later. Some people will choose to bring their pet’s remains home with them, while others will opt to bury them or scatter them in a place that was special to their pet. You will have plenty of options. It’s up to you to pick out the right one.

Overcoming the grief that so often accompanies the loss of a pet

Glade Spring, VA pet cremationThis might just be the biggest challenge of all for pet owners when they lose a pet and have to cremate them. You’re going to be filled with so much grief that it’s going to be difficult for you to even think straight. You should speak with a grief counselor if possible and get some help with managing your emotions. It’ll help you to go through the grieving process more effectively and allow you to heal better over time.

Do you want to ensure that you’re able to overcome these challenges and any other challenges that might pop up along the way while you’re planning a pet cremation? Faithful Pets Cremation and Burial Care can assist you in doing it. We can also lend a hand to those who want to put together plans for a pet burial in Glade Spring, VA. Reach out to us to begin planning a pet cremation or burial today.

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What Should You Make Sure You Include on a Pet’s Headstone?

Are you getting ready to create a headstone for a pet that you lost recently? Whether you’re going to hold a pet burial for them and bury their body or a Bristol, VA pet cremation and bury their cremated remains, you should strongly consider providing your pet with a headstone. It’ll help you pay tribute to them one last time and serve as a sign of your love for your pet forever. You should also make sure that you include the right things on your pet’s headstone. Check out some of the things that you’ll want to have on the headstone when you put it into place.

Your pet’s name

This can almost go without saying, but the first thing that you’re going to want to put on a pet’s headstone prior to a pet burial in Bristol, VA is your pet’s name. Their name should usually be bigger than anything else on their headstone, and it should also appear in a special font that makes it look very prominent. You’re going to identify your pet’s headstone by looking for their name in the future, so make sure that it’s nice and easy to see their name from afar.

The year of your pet’s birth and the year of their death

How old was your pet when they passed away? You’ll be able to let others know—and remember yourself as you get older—by putting the year of their birth and the year of their death onto their headstone. You don’t have to make these years quite as large and prominent as their name, but you should be able to read the years clearly when you’re looking at the headstone.

A photo of your pet

You don’t necessarily have to include a photo of your pet on their headstone if you don’t have room for it or if you don’t have the budget for it. But if possible, most pet owners like the idea of sticking their pet’s photo onto their headstone. Try to find a photo of your pet that you really like and have it drawn onto their headstone so that you remember them at their best for many years to come. You’ll love being able to look directly at your pet every time you visit their burial plot and see them looking back at you from their headstone.

A special quote honoring your pet

If you want to take your pet’s headstone to the next level, a great way to do it is by including a special quote for your pet on it. There are so many beautiful quotes that you can put onto a pet’s headstone to put it over the top. Some good examples of quotes that you might want to put on a pet’s headstone include things like “You left a paw print on our hearts, forever loved” and “If love could have saved you, you would have lived forever.” The quote should be something that shows just how special your pet was to you.

Bristol, VA pet cremation

Do you want to create a headstone for your pet as part of their pet burial or cremation in Bristol, VA? Faithful Pets Cremation and Burial Care can help make this possible for you. We can also provide you with a wide range of other services when you seek to bury or cremate a pet through us. Contact us today to obtain more information on our superior services.

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Signs That a Pet Cremation Provider Is the Right Choice for You

Are you looking for someone to help you when it comes to setting up an Abingdon, VA pet cremation? You’re likely going to find that there is no shortage of options in the general area. But you shouldn’t allow just anyone to cremate a beloved pet. Instead, you should look for a pet cremation provider that’s going to do an excellent job for you from start to finish. Take a look at some signs that’ll let you know that a pet cremation provider is legit.

They have plenty of experience.

If you’re going to trust a pet cremation provider to cremate your pet, you want to know that they have the experience to do it. The last thing you want to do is allow someone that hasn’t performed many pet cremations to handle your pet’s cremation in Abingdon, VA. The pet cremation provider that you bring on board should be established within your community. Otherwise, you’re not going to know exactly what you’re going to get from them.

They offer an array of pet cremation options.

Do you want to have your pet cremated in private? Or would you like to have your pet cremated as part of a partitioned or communal cremation? There are some pet cremation providers that will, unfortunately, only cater to those who want one of these pet cremation options. You need one on your side that’s going to let you choose which one will work best for you and your pet. The more options that a pet cremation provider can offer to you, the better.

They extend affordable prices on pet cremations.

You obviously want to make sure that your pet is in good hands when you have them cremated. It’s why you’re going to search high and low for the right pet cremation provider. But you don’t want to have to pay an arm and a leg to a pet cremation provider to get access to their services. To avoid this, you should shop around for the pet cremation provider that’s going to extend the most competitive and affordable services around. It’ll help you steer clear of going into debt to pay for your pet’s cremation.

They have a great reputation among pet owners in your community.

Abingdon, VA pet cremationIf you don’t know which pet cremation provider to choose, one of the easiest ways to find out which one is the best in the business in your area is by asking local pet owners. The pet cremation provider that you ultimately go with should have a stellar reputation among those pet owners in your community. If they haven’t earned rave reviews from these pet owners, you should look elsewhere for pet cremation services.

From the second that you first call on Faithful Pets Cremation and Burial Care for help with a pet cremation, you’ll see what sets us apart from other pet cremation providers. We can provide you with all the services you need and make sure that you’re satisfied with them from start to finish. We can also lend a hand to those in need of pet burials in Abingdon, VA. Call us today for all your pet burial and cremation needs.

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Mistakes You Should Steer Clear Of When Planning a Pet Cremation

When people are in the process of planning out a Bristol, VA pet cremation, they’re often dealing with a whole lot of pain and anguish. It can sometimes lead to them making mistakes while working their way through the different planning stages of a pet cremation. The next time you’re in a position where you have to plan a pet cremation, you should do whatever it takes to avoid these mistakes. Let’s take a closer look at some of the most common mistakes so that you’ll know what you’re up against.

Choosing the wrong funeral home

Since so many people have pets these days, there are quite a few funeral homes in Bristol, VA for you to choose from when planning out a pet cremation. You should look for one that specializes in pet cremations and that has years of experience when it comes to cremating pets. You should also look for one that has a wonderful reputation within your community. You don’t want to end up working with a funeral home that’s not going to be able to offer you both excellent services and excellent customer service throughout the process of cremating a pet.

Failing to consider both pet cremation and pet burial as viable options

While pet cremation is a great option for those who are trying to figure out what to do with a pet following their death, it’s obviously not the only option that you’ll have. You can also choose to bury a pet if you would like to go that route. You should at the very least consider both of your options before settling on one over the other. You don’t want to end up regretting cremating your pet later simply because you didn’t take the time to think about what your options were.

Picking the first urn for a pet’s remains that you can find

At the conclusion of your pet’s cremation services, you’re going to be given their remains if you want them. You can then place them into an urn that you’ve picked out until you decide what to do with them next. You should spend some time searching for different urns to see which one you like the best. The last thing you want to do is pick out the first one you can find. It might not work well for you to later on if this is your approach to shopping for an urn.

Forgetting to think about what you’ll do with a pet’s remains following cremation

What are you going to do with your pet’s remains once you receive them? Some people take them home and put them out on display. Others take them and bury them or scatter them in a special place. You’ll have a variety of options as far as what you can do with your pet’s remains. It’s up to you to consider each and every one of them before landing on the one that’s going to work best for you. Don’t make the mistake of not thinking these options through.

Bristol, VA pet cremation

Do you want to begin planning a pet cremation for your pet? Or would you like a hand mapping out a pet burial in Bristol, VA? Either way, Faithful Pets Cremation and Burial Care is here to help you. Reach out to us now to find out all about our pet cremation and pet burial services.

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What to Include in Your Pet’s Life Story When Putting It Together

When people die, their family members come together to create obituaries for them. These obituaries are used to let others know about the lives that they led. You probably consider your pet to be a member of your family, so shouldn’t you take this same approach to eulogizing them at the time of their death? You should know that you can do it by putting together their life story prior to their Glade Spring, VA pet cremation. Want to know what you should include in their life story? Here are just some of the things you should consider working into it.

How they entered your life

A lot of people like to start their pet’s life story off by talking about their earliest memory of their pet. They’ll begin by talking about how their pet entered their life. Whether you randomly stumbled upon your pet and took them into your home or you purchased them from a local breeder, you should consider kicking things off by talking about their early days with you. It’ll bring back some fond memories and let others know how you first came into contact with your pet.

What they enjoyed doing throughout their life

Once you’ve discussed your earliest memories of your pet at the start of their life story, you can then segue into talking about what they enjoyed doing most throughout the course of their life. From going on long walks to playing ball in the backyard, your pet probably enjoyed certain things more than others. You should use their life story to share some of the things that they liked to do. It’ll help to paint a more complete picture of your pet.

What you loved most about them

What was it that made your pet so special to you? Maybe it was how excited they got every time you walked through the front door. Or maybe it was how they seemed to know when you were in pain and did whatever they could to comfort you. Regardless of what it was, there was likely something that made you love your pet a lot. You should touch on it in their life story to illustrate what kind of pet they were to you.

How they died

pet burial in Glade Spring, VAYou don’t have to share any information on how your pet died in their life story. But you can choose to do it if you want. There are a lot of people who like to mention that their pet passed away peacefully while surrounded by family, if that is, in fact, what happened. You can also mention whether you chose to have a pet cremation or pet burial in Glade Spring, VA if you would like. It’s up to you how much info you choose to share in your pet’s life story.

Need some help creating a life story for your pet? Faithful Pets Cremation and Burial Care is a funeral home in Glade Spring, VA that can help. We would also be happy to post your pet’s life story on our website when you utilize our pet burial or pet cremation services. Give us a call today to get started.

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Tips for Creating a Great Photo Book Following a Pet Cremation

In the immediate aftermath of losing a pet, one of the first things you’re going to want to do is put together plans for an Abingdon, VA pet cremation or pet burial. It’ll be important for you to either cremate or bury your pet within just a few days of their death. Once that’s over, you’ll then want to move on to paying tribute to your pet in any number of ways. You can do it by holding a funeral service for them or by creating a special headstone for their burial plot. You can also do it by creating a photo book that will make it easy for you to remember them as you move forward in life. Check out some tips for creating a great photo book for your pet below.

Collect all the photos that you have of your pet.

You probably have tons of photos of your pet stored on your smartphone and scattered around the inside of your home. You should kick things off by gathering them and putting them all together in one place at the conclusion of your pet’s services at a funeral home in Abingdon, VA. You might actually be surprised by how many photos you have of your pet once you’re done doing this. It’ll get your photo book off to a great start and give you all the photos you’ll need to put a great book together.

Ask your family members and friends for any photos they might have of your pet.

Do you think that any of your family members and friends might have photos of your pet, either on their phones or in their homes? If you do, the next thing you should do is contact them and ask them if they would be willing to share some of the photos that they have of your pet. They’ll likely be more than willing to go above and beyond to get you as many photos of your pet as you need.

Go through the photos of your pet and pick out your favorite ones.

Once you have a bunch of photos of your pet gathered together, it’ll be time to get down to business. You’ll need to go through the photos and figure out which ones you want to include in your photo book. You might be under the impression that you can just go ahead and include them all. But if you have hundreds of photos of your pet, that might not be possible. You’ll be better off narrowing down the photos to just the ones that you consider your favorites. You should try to get photos from all different periods of your pet’s life if you can.

Design a book that pays tribute to your pet through both photos and words.

Abingdon, VA pet cremationAfter you know which photos you want to include in your pet’s photo book, you should then begin to design the book from cover to cover. You should decide what order you want to put your pet’s photos in and sprinkle some words into the mix as well. Quotes about pets are always a great addition to any photo book. You can make your pet’s photo book as high-tech or low-tech as you want. Some people work with designers to print professional photo books while others create scrapbooks that they put together themselves. Either way, you’ll love paying tribute to your pet with a great photo book in the end.

Before you can begin creating a photo book for your pet, it’ll be important to hold a pet cremation or pet burial in Abingdon, VA for them. Faithful Pets Cremation and Burial Care can assist you with this and help you make one last memory with your pet. Contact us now for more information on our pet cremation and burial services.

Glade Spring, VA pet cremation

How to Help Someone Who Is Grieving the Loss of a Beloved Pet

Most people consider their pets to be members of their families. As a result, they’re often overwhelmed with grief when they lose them. If you know someone who just lost a pet, you should do whatever you can to help them through their tough times. In some cases, that might mean assisting them in planning out a Glade Spring, VA pet cremation for their pet. It might also mean taking other small steps to help them deal with their grief. Check out some of the things you can do to assist someone who is grieving the loss of a beloved pet.

Begin by calling them and offering your condolences.

The first thing you should do when you hear that someone has lost a pet is call them up and tell them just how sorry you are to hear the news. Oftentimes, people won’t hesitate to pick up the phone and call someone when they lose an actual family member, but they’re a little more hesitant to do it when it’s a pet. Don’t be afraid to contact someone who is grieving a pet’s loss to offer your sincerest condolences. It’ll help them even more than you might think.

Provide them with an opportunity to share their feelings with you.

In addition to sharing your condolences with someone who has lost a pet, you should also provide them with an opportunity to talk to you about how they’re feeling. They might be feeling a little bit lost and confused in the immediate aftermath of their pet’s services at a funeral home in Glade Spring, VA. You should give them your time and let them talk to you about their emotions. They will appreciate the fact that you’re willing to sit and listen to them talk about how they’re feeling and what they’re going through at the moment.

Send them any photos that you might have of their pet.

Do you happen to have any photos of a person’s pet that you can share with them? If you do, you should feel free to pass them along. A lot of people will put together photo books following the loss of a pet, and they will usually be thrilled to get a few photos that you might not have themselves. You should share any photos that you have stored on your smartphone or somewhere in your home with a person who has just lost their pet. They’ll love looking at them and putting them to good use when they begin creating a photo book.

Glade Spring, VA pet cremationLet them know that you’re there for them anytime they need you.

The truth of the matter is that you’re probably not going to be able to make someone who is grieving a pet’s loss feel any better than they do. They’re going to have to work their way through the stages of grief before getting any real relief from the pain and anguish that they feel. But you can provide them with some small sense of comfort by letting them know that you’re there for them whenever they need you. They’ll love the fact that they can count on you to be there for them during their darkest days.

Would you like to help a family member or friend carry out a pet cremation or pet burial in Glade Spring, VA following the loss of their pet? Faithful Pets Cremation and Burial Care can assist you in making this happen. Call us today to start the pet cremation or pet burial planning process.