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Should You Hold a Funeral for a Pet? How It Might Help You

When a person dies, their family members almost always come together to put together plans for a funeral service for them. But people don’t always take this same approach to funeral planning when it comes to pets. They’ll often schedule a Bristol, VA pet cremation or pet burial without even thinking about holding a funeral for them. You don’t have to hold a funeral for a pet if you don’t want to. But you also shouldn’t discount the idea right away. Here are some ways in which you might benefit from holding a funeral for a pet.

Helps you come to terms with and accept a pet’s death

In the immediate aftermath of the death of a pet, you might feel a little shell-shocked and struggle to come to terms with it. You might even get stuck in a state of denial that prevents you from accepting your pet’s death. This won’t be an issue when you stage a funeral in Bristol, VA for your pet. You’ll be able to come to terms with your pet’s loss once you’ve gone through the funeral planning process and attended their actual funeral service.

Gives you a chance to celebrate your pet’s life

Your pet played such an important part in your life. It’s a big part of the reason why you’re going to have such a tough time accepting their loss. You can celebrate the life that they led and emphasize just how essential they were to you by planning a funeral for them. Even if you only hold a small funeral service for them that runs just a few minutes, it’ll help you celebrate their life and cement the legacy that they left behind.

Puts you in a position where you’ll be surrounded by love and support

When you’re mourning the loss of a pet, it helps to have all the love and support that you can possibly get surrounding you. It’ll be so nice to have some of your family members and friends by your side during your dark days. Under normal circumstances, you might not be surrounded by much love and support following the death of your pet. But when you plan out a funeral for them and convince some people to come to it, you’ll give yourself the love and support that you need.

Bristol, VA pet cremation

Allows you to kickstart the grieving process

You’re not going to “get over” the loss of a pet simply by holding a funeral service for them. But you will take one step closer to officially starting the grieving process and working your way through it. It’s going to be important for you to go through this process without skipping any steps. It takes different people different amounts of time to make their way through the process, but you’ll put yourself into the position to do it quicker than you would be able to otherwise by holding a funeral for your pet.

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