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Things You Can Do With a Pet’s Remains Following Pet Cremation

If you choose to have your pet cremated following their death as part of a communal cremation, you aren’t going to receive their remains when it’s over. But if you decide to hold a private Glade Spring, VA pet cremation for them or even a partitioned cremation, you will, in fact, be receiving their remains when everything is all said and done. At that time, you’ll then be in charge of figuring out what you want to do with your pet’s remains next. Check out a few of the most common things that people do with their pet’s remains below.

Display them in their homes.

There are a lot of pet owners who love the idea of taking their pet’s cremated remains home with them following their cremation in Glade Spring, VA. They stick the remains inside of an urn and bring them home so that they can put them out on display. Oftentimes, they’ll put the urn on a mantel or in a hutch next to a photo of their pet and maybe something like their favorite toy. It’s a nice way for them to pay homage to their pet while honoring their memory.

Scatter them in a special place.

One of the other things that a lot of pet owners like doing with their pet’s cremated remains is taking them out to a special place and scattering them. Many times, pet owners will scatter a pet’s remains somewhere out in nature where they used to spend a ton of time with their pet. It’s a nice way to provide their pet with a proper sendoff. They might also choose to stage a scattering ceremony to go along with the act of scattering their pet’s remains.

Put them inside cremation cremation

Some people want to keep their pets as close to them as they possibly can even though they aren’t around in the physical form anymore. With this in mind, they’ll buy cremation jewelry that is designed to hold a pet’s remains so that they can keep the remains close by at all times. Cremation jewelry is a lot more affordable than you might think, and it’s an excellent option for families that want to divide up a pet’s remains so that everyone can have some.

Bury them in the ground.

It might sound counterintuitive to cremate a pet only to bury them later. But there are some people who prefer to go this route. You should talk to your pet cremation provider about what your options are if you choose to go in this direction. There are some limitations that have been placed on when and where pets’ cremated remains can be buried.

Stuck on what you should do with your pet’s remains following their cremation? Faithful Pets Cremation and Burial Care can walk you through each of your options while you’re in the process of planning a pet funeral in Glade Spring, VA for your pet. Stop by and see us today or call us to find out what we can do to assist you when it comes to cremating a pet.

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