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What Should You Make Sure You Include on a Pet’s Headstone?

Are you getting ready to create a headstone for a pet that you lost recently? Whether you’re going to hold a pet burial for them and bury their body or a Bristol, VA pet cremation and bury their cremated remains, you should strongly consider providing your pet with a headstone. It’ll help you pay tribute to them one last time and serve as a sign of your love for your pet forever. You should also make sure that you include the right things on your pet’s headstone. Check out some of the things that you’ll want to have on the headstone when you put it into place.

Your pet’s name

This can almost go without saying, but the first thing that you’re going to want to put on a pet’s headstone prior to a pet burial in Bristol, VA is your pet’s name. Their name should usually be bigger than anything else on their headstone, and it should also appear in a special font that makes it look very prominent. You’re going to identify your pet’s headstone by looking for their name in the future, so make sure that it’s nice and easy to see their name from afar.

The year of your pet’s birth and the year of their death

How old was your pet when they passed away? You’ll be able to let others know—and remember yourself as you get older—by putting the year of their birth and the year of their death onto their headstone. You don’t have to make these years quite as large and prominent as their name, but you should be able to read the years clearly when you’re looking at the headstone.

A photo of your pet

You don’t necessarily have to include a photo of your pet on their headstone if you don’t have room for it or if you don’t have the budget for it. But if possible, most pet owners like the idea of sticking their pet’s photo onto their headstone. Try to find a photo of your pet that you really like and have it drawn onto their headstone so that you remember them at their best for many years to come. You’ll love being able to look directly at your pet every time you visit their burial plot and see them looking back at you from their headstone.

A special quote honoring your pet

If you want to take your pet’s headstone to the next level, a great way to do it is by including a special quote for your pet on it. There are so many beautiful quotes that you can put onto a pet’s headstone to put it over the top. Some good examples of quotes that you might want to put on a pet’s headstone include things like “You left a paw print on our hearts, forever loved” and “If love could have saved you, you would have lived forever.” The quote should be something that shows just how special your pet was to you.

Bristol, VA pet cremation

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