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What to Include in Your Pet’s Life Story When Putting It Together

When people die, their family members come together to create obituaries for them. These obituaries are used to let others know about the lives that they led. You probably consider your pet to be a member of your family, so shouldn’t you take this same approach to eulogizing them at the time of their death? You should know that you can do it by putting together their life story prior to their Glade Spring, VA pet cremation. Want to know what you should include in their life story? Here are just some of the things you should consider working into it.

How they entered your life

A lot of people like to start their pet’s life story off by talking about their earliest memory of their pet. They’ll begin by talking about how their pet entered their life. Whether you randomly stumbled upon your pet and took them into your home or you purchased them from a local breeder, you should consider kicking things off by talking about their early days with you. It’ll bring back some fond memories and let others know how you first came into contact with your pet.

What they enjoyed doing throughout their life

Once you’ve discussed your earliest memories of your pet at the start of their life story, you can then segue into talking about what they enjoyed doing most throughout the course of their life. From going on long walks to playing ball in the backyard, your pet probably enjoyed certain things more than others. You should use their life story to share some of the things that they liked to do. It’ll help to paint a more complete picture of your pet.

What you loved most about them

What was it that made your pet so special to you? Maybe it was how excited they got every time you walked through the front door. Or maybe it was how they seemed to know when you were in pain and did whatever they could to comfort you. Regardless of what it was, there was likely something that made you love your pet a lot. You should touch on it in their life story to illustrate what kind of pet they were to you.

How they died

pet burial in Glade Spring, VAYou don’t have to share any information on how your pet died in their life story. But you can choose to do it if you want. There are a lot of people who like to mention that their pet passed away peacefully while surrounded by family, if that is, in fact, what happened. You can also mention whether you chose to have a pet cremation or pet burial in Glade Spring, VA if you would like. It’s up to you how much info you choose to share in your pet’s life story.

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