Bristol, VA pet cremations

Your Guide to the Different Types of Pet Cremation Services

Have you decided that you want to plan out a Bristol, VA pet cremation for your dog or cat that died recently? If so, you might think that that’s the only real decision you’ll have to make with regards to what will be done with your pet’s body. But in addition to selecting cremation for your pet, you’ll also need to choose one of the three main types of pet cremation services. Each of the three services varies slightly with regards to what will happen to your pet while they’re in the process of being cremated. Continue reading to learn more about these three options.

Private cremation

Would you like your pet to go through their cremation in Bristol, VA alone? If you do, then you’re going to want to go with a private cremation for your pet. With this option, you won’t have to worry at all about your pet’s remains getting mixed up with another pet’s remains. That’s because your pet will be the only one that will be in the cremation chamber while they’re being cremated. This is often the costliest pet cremation service. But it’s a great service for those who don’t want their pets to be cremated with other people’s pets under any circumstances.

Partitioned cremation

Do you mind if your pet is cremated at the same time as other people’s pets? If not, then there are two types of cremation services that might work well for you. The first is called partitioned cremation and it involves cremating several pets at once in a single cremation chamber. Although several pets will be cremated at once, though, they will each be put into a separate area of the cremation chamber to avoid having their remains get mixed together at any point. The big advantage of this cremation service is that it’ll cost less than a private cremation while leaving you with the same result in the end.

Communal cremationpet cremation

Are you planning on allowing a pet cremation provider to keep your pet’s remains once their cremation is complete so that they can scatter them for you? Then this is the other type of cremation service that you might want to consider. During a communal cremation, a bunch of pets will be placed into a cremation chamber without any separation. This will often lead to the pets’ remains commingling in the chamber before everything is all said and done. It’s the most cost-effective cremation option and won’t leave you to decide what to do with your pet’s remains later on. It’s definitely an option worth considering for some pet owners.

There are pros and cons that come with each of the pet cremation services we just laid out. Faithful Pets Cremation and Burial Care can help explain them to you further. If you’re not convinced pet cremation is right for your pet, we can also speak with you about a pet burial in Bristol, VA. It might end up being the better choice for you and your pet. Touch base with us today to gather more information about our services.